Anyone for tennis?


   fervently they bounce me between them,
                                  their aim never missing;
   the incidental sting at each hit
                          gradually sinking to a dull ache
   before the next thwack
                  reverberates through my traumatised skin

   I think back through the years
                           but I have no memory of hearing
   either one of them say
                                      “Anyone for tennis?”
   or the subversive reply;
                            “A ball would make it too easy
   so we should use mum instead.”

                  (They both regret it now
                   and I believe them when
                 they tell each other and me
                 they want to end the match.)

                    ©Jane Paterson Basil

12 thoughts on “Anyone for tennis?

    1. Thank you. They don’t mean to do it – it’s just a habit now. They each wanted to be the one to receive all of my attention, and they went to terrible lengths in order to acheive their ambition.


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