How it was


When we owned the world
our feet tapped out a tango
on sun-soaked streets,
we matched the sky atop misty mountain-sides,
and splashed our feet in storm-soaked, raging seas.
We scaled the trees in deepest forests
and through meadows we raced with flying feet.
White teeth sparkled as;
heads thrown back,
we laughed in our certainty
that we would conquer
all sadness and adversity.

And the aged ones gazed back,
revelling in our youthful glee;
surprising themselves with wistful smiles
at the memories
of their own beginner’s zest,
their trusting purity,
and the distant days when they felt free.

So, I’ve finally got around to taking up one of Michelle’s Photo Challenges. I have been meaning to do it for weeks – the images she uses are so inspiring. Thank you Michelle. .

                         ©Jane Paterson Basil

19 thoughts on “How it was

  1. This is a lovely piece…I am an older person but my life is filled with young people and their enthusiasm for changing the world is so familiar and refreshing! I remember those days 🙂 This is my first visit to your blog, I look forward to reading much more 🙂 Thank you for reading my poem. Michelle

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    1. It really was a pleasure, and thank you for your heartwarming response to my poem. I’ve been trying to google a poem that ends like this: “Look at you, look at me/standing ten feet tall are we/Look at me then look again/and maybe you’ll remember when/you stood this tall and knew it too/and the whole world turned to look at you.
      I have a feeling you may like it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Jane


    1. I hope so. I wonder how many of the current youth feel that way about themselves. 20 years ago I saw teenagers strutting their stuff like peacocks, but I see little of it these days. Most of them seem depressed.
      You don’t happen to remember something that Sonny and Cher did, called “Look at You, Look at Me” do you? I can’t find it on Google.

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  2. Oh, for the innocence of youth.
    Do you remember,

    Watch with mother?
    Saturday morning pictures?
    Penny for the Guy?
    A new bike for Christmas?
    Laurel and Hardy?
    Hot pants?
    Platform shoes?
    Tank tops?
    Hot pants? Oh, I’ve said that already. ☺️

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    1. I remember all of that, including the hot pants. I had a wet-look pair with wet-look kinky boots to go with them, but enough of that subject. the only thing missing from that list in my life is the bike – I got it for my birthday. Oh! And watch with mother. We didn’t have a TV, so it was Listen with Mother, on the ancient wireless. Every so often the wireless wouldn’t work, so mum hoiked an even older one from under the kitchen table, in the hope that she could get sound from it. I think we had four of them altogether.

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