My desired destination




friends gave it
willingly; the magic gift of
self-belief to tenuously cling
to, telling me I could do it, that
it doesn’t matter if I am late, but I
have the ability to reach my desired
destination, and I owe it to myself to
try.  now I know  that  even if I do not
arrive  before  the final toll  of the mid-
night bell,  I will  have succeeded  all my
previous expectations. so now, with friends
to cheer me, I take my papyrus, my quill and ink, and
I scribble; I will scribble until I reach the winning post, or
until I hear the final toll of the bell as it rings, rings
in my



Written for Writing 101 Poetry Day 1:

“And… the first prompt of the course is out: courtesy of @laduchessederat, it invites you to write a poem involving magic, whatever your take on the magical might be.”

©Jane Paterson Basil

37 thoughts on “My desired destination

      1. Very good! And of course you can do it! You had it in you all the time! That made a whole lot more sense this morning, even with only one eye opened! Was it uncomfortable carrying that bell around inside you? Did it cause ringing in your ears. I have that. But I doubt it’s from a bell! LOL Too many rock concerts growing up!

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        1. I went to school with a boy whose father was involved in the music industry, and he had wrecked his ears by the time he was 15. It didn’t stop me from standing next to the speakers, and now I’m as deaf as a post, and I have tinnitus.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Would that be cramp? I used to get cramp in bed when I was pregnant, and the only cure for it was to jump out of bed and stand up instantly. It wasn’t much fun, but better than the alternative.
          If I could, I would wave a wand, and banish all of your health issues.

          Liked by 1 person

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