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Miss Haversham’s mirror

An_old_mirror 123
Image from Wikipedia
Digitally re-worked by Jane P. Basil

I am the reflection in
Miss Haversham’s cobwebbed mirror.
fly-flecked, dust slicked,
a sepia image:
blurred and indistinct,
a slipping vision of the distant
promises and wishes
of yesteryear

The clock
ticks enexorably
clicking towards tomorrow,
flinging each lost second to the wind,
while in fizzling disbelief I feed
the dim impossibility of half belief;
picturing my seamless beginning,
flicking through childhood memories,
trying to rinse my mind
of life’s iniquities,
and my ills.

I fix my gaze
towards the distant hills,
and I trust there must be a way
to cancel time and negate the pain;
to reverse the scraping needle of time,
and revert to the days
when the world
was mine.

Written for Blogging 101 Poetry Day 2

“Time for prompt #2 — Reflections, courtesy of the formidable @mkucsera. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this one.”

©Jane Paterson Basil