I stretch out the day,
           while beyond the window 
          the silence of the empty road 
          declares that the world is in bed.
            evening lights ceased twinkling 
             several hours ago.
             my friends, my enemies,
          and everybody in between,
       give in to their magic dreams,
     or dance a horizontal insomniac jig
    in damp and tangling sheets.
    adolescents whisper,
     subversively giggling with their sisters
       sharing a schoolgirl iniquity.
          lovers spoon together
           sweaty, semen slick, all passions spent
           until the morning rise.I write as the chill
          of dawn's subtle hint
          glimmers on the horizon,
           willing my eyes to stay open,
             my guilty wish to be left alone
                temporarily fulfilled.

Writing 101 Poetry Day 3
“For Day 3, @rohitofficial offers us a prompt on a theme we all care about: Sleep.”

©Jane Paterson Basil


27 thoughts on “Silence

  1. This is beautiful both the form and the word pictures you make. Your play of language gives the poem such a universal feel. There’s something in it for everyone because we’ve all ” dance[d] a horizontal insomniac jig” or lay ” subversively giggling with their sisters” or been “lovers spoon together.”

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        1. Sometimes I read a lovely comment on someone else’s blog, and find the respondent hasn’t taken the trouble to even click the ‘like’ button, and I’m shocked. Yes, comments are wonderful. Without the support of the blogging community I don’t know where I would be. I certainly wouldn’t havehad the confidence to write my memoirs. I started them in September, on the suggestion of a blogger and was backed up by others. I’m already on my fifth (and hopefully final) edit, and it’s thanks to my online support system.

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                1. I don’t mind if people don’t comment on my posts, but I sometimes read another bloggers post, and when I follow down through the comments I find that the blogger hasn’t responded in any way to most of them. I’m not sure whether I even notice if someone ignors my comments on their blog.

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                    1. I am happy that even one person reads my work. “Plausible” implies that someone outside is making a value judgement. I was a writer before anyone read my work and I am one even if only one person reads it. Writing is the act of writing; it’s not about the # of followers or it’s not about that for me. I am honored that people wish to follow me.


                    2. People follow you because you are a good writer, and clearly a good person. I have written all my life because I have a need to. I never used to share what I wrote with anyone but my children, but now I have a message which I want to share with the families of addicts, and with addicts themselves, and for that to be happen I need to get published. I started the blog in order to build my confidence, but now I need to be – that horrible word – plausible.

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