Freedom: a cliche

You ask me what is freedom,
setting my thoughts in motion,
taxing my over-wraught brain;
filling it with broken ideas.

Free to roam, free to leave, free the soul,
Free love, free with my affections,
wild and free, free as a bird, freefall,
freedom of thought, freedom of speech,
a free-for-all fight
for freedom;
a free country.
Freedom comes at a price.
After years of imprisonment they freed Nelson Mandela.
He freely undertook the duties of a hero and diplomat,
working tirelessly for the concept of freedom.
He died quietly,
and now his spirit soars free.

Written for Writing 101 Poetry – Day 5:

It’s already Friday for some of you; let’s head into the weekend with the wise words of @impossiblebebong, whose Day 5 prompt is on the theme of Freedom.

©Jane Paterson Basil


13 thoughts on “Freedom: a cliche

  1. Freedom is possible, but always only up to a point. None of us should be free to do whatever we want to if it hurts others. And lord knows, you and I live in a country which is nominally ‘free’ – but with an awful lot of restrictions and controls. Freedom – ish
    Mandela chose the freedom of extreme responsibility – what a way to use the time he had after his release! Many of us would just want to run off and have a quiet, restful life. Amazing. A great, thoughtful poem, Jane 🙂

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