I humbly aspire to be
like mychorrhizal fungi
reaching for miles
in a symbiotic relationship with struggling life
feeding, interweaving, healing

I wish we all could be
like mychorrhizal fungi
with fingers that tie
and knit together the frayed ends of life
giving, interweaving, healing

If we could all be
like mychorrhizal fungi
we could fill the sky
with our threads, we would nurture every life
loving, interweaving, healing

©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “Threads

  1. I love your sweet, positive nature. Could Anne Frank have been anything she wanted to be? There are many kinds of prison bars.
    I want to learn to love all of mankind, even the man who destroyed my daughters life, but hard as I try I’m a long way from that. I want to be a mother who helps to turn her daughter away from death, and I have tried, but it looks as if the only way to do that is to make sure she ends up in prison. I have the power, but it’s a tough choice to make.
    The world is a complicated place Roxanne, but I pray it will never be so for you. It’s lovely to see your sunshine smile.


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