A verdant shade of green


I was different than the others
those village children who
had never known another culture
children who displayed the same colours –
boys were blue and girls were pink
while I was a verdant shade of green
and they had never seen a creature like me
nobody told me to repaint myself
but they turned away from me
so I tried to be the same
I learnt the words they used
practicing them in privacy
and I returned to the others like
a labourer to a wedding
who rushes to put on a suit but
omits to remove his mud-splattered boots
and his hard hat
boys were blue and girls were pink
but I was a verdant shade of green

I ran from the village square
past familiar trees to the river
and stared down at my rippling reflection
seeing only beauty
boys were blue and girls were pink
but I was a verdant shade of green
which shone through my thin camouflage

Written for Writing 101 Poetry Day 9 – Camouflage

©Jane Paterson Basil


22 thoughts on “A verdant shade of green

  1. Seriously? You better have a manuscript started where you put these babies in categories! You’re turning out some amazing stuff. Can’t tell you how many poetry books I’ve bought and thought, blah! A book full of your stuff would be awesome!

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        1. Hope he’s improving. I am going to have to learn to prioritise my time. There’s so much I need to learn about blogging ! I find it hard to fit everything in. Have to rethink how I do this blogging thing… in the New Year will be starting a second blog on essential oils, so need to fit that in too!!

          Liked by 1 person

              1. You have an interesting range there. I’m out of date; I never came across Blue Tansy. Copaiba, or Palo Santa. The oils used in the mixes are completely different to the ones in my recipes. I just checked out Tisserand Oils and they don’t do them, but their range is limited. The only one they’ve added since I last looked is May Chang. It’s possible that these oils are banned from this country for some silly reason.
                I wish you every success in your commendable venture.

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                1. Thanks. Young Living range have some oils that no-one else does. The oils are 100% guaranteed pure. If not, they do not release them to the market. People who are sensitive to picking up vibrational energy can feel it when they hold the bottle. Their quality control is impeccable and transparent. Awesome products 🙂

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                  1. I know there are a lot of doubtful products on the market, but it goes without saying that any oils you sell sould be pure. I detest all those ‘beauty’ products I see on supermarket shelves with the word ‘Aromatherapy’ on them, which are full of unhealthy and often carcinogenic chemicals.
                    I was in India once, and some guy was trying to sell me oils. He swore they were pure, but the sandalwood wasn’t, and neither was the patchouli, so when I picked up the rose I didn’t expect much, and yet I found it to be pure. The rose, of all things! I bought all that he had for a ridiculously low price, and splashed it around for months. Heavenly…

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