Daily Archives: December 22, 2015

Sshh… #haiku


soon he will be here

with his reindeer and his sleigh

sshh… pretend to sleep


©Jane Paterson Basil


Choose life


I need to find the perfect words
to bring back those memories;
the right way to say please,
please save your skin.
step out of the alley,
revive your sinking spirit,
walk away from that vile witch,
ditch the needles and the dealers,
and reach out to the living.

free yourself from the back-street filth,
from the sleazy scrabble to find another dirty dick
who’s willing to slide his stinking flesh over your skin
and sling you his tainted tenners in exchange;
so you can buy a thinned down hit.

free yourself from the daily fear,
the screaming need,
the wasted veins,
the reaper’s blood-stained scythe,
and the clucking, clawing aches and pain.

free yourself, embrace your family,
and your loyal friends;
who even now wait patiently,
faithfully praying in the aisles,
for you to choose life.

©Jane Paterson Basil