What’s the rush? #haiku


I began today

in plenty of time to round up

my Christmas shopping


©Jane Paterson Basil


4 thoughts on “What’s the rush? #haiku

    1. Somehow I thought you would be more organised than me. I can’t focus on Christmas until it’s nearly upon us, which isn’t a good thing with my family, when having urgent things to do brings on a crisis with one of my kids. The good news is that today’s crisis didn’t affect me until I had finished buying and wrapping nearly all the presents. The bad news that it reached me before I bought the food…
      Christmas IS going to happen, even though it won’t be quite as planned…

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  1. Who knows? Scrooge could get a visit from three ghosts this year, and next year Drollery’s bonus will go up tenfold, he’ll get it a month before Christmas, and on Chistmas morning a turkey and a heap of presents will turn up on your doorstep, and everybody will live happily ever after…
    Yes, there has been a crisis today, but I refuse to worry about the long-term implications…


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