Warm hearth #haiku


wishing for Christmas

when the warm hearth will dispel

chill winter weather


©Jane Paterson Basil


31 thoughts on “Warm hearth #haiku

    1. Thank you Calen. A well-digger’s butt? I’ve never had the opportunity – or the desire – to feel the temperature of a well-digger’s butt. You must be more adventurous than me – and possibly more peculiar… 😀

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    1. I call myself an agnostic, because it is easier than explaining my belief system. I can’t imagine who created me, so I don’t follow any traditional faith, although it’s possible that I’m a Bhuddist – I haven’t checked. I know that I must strive to be a better person, and I know miracles are miracles, not coincidences.
      I believe you when you tell me that Laura is in God’s care, but I needed you to remind me.
      I believe the lives of her father, her brother and I are in danger if she doesn’t turn around. She’s a danger to everyone she comes into contact with, and to herself. I think she wants us all dead, and she has had her way before. Since I started writing this message she has done something horrific. She’s a spiritual person, but her spirit is diseased – I think she feels God’s presence and is trying to fight him. I pray that this will be the final push which brings her back.
      I have just asked two ‘non-believers’ to pray for her – her father and her brother and they willingly agreed. If I hadn’t read that haiku at that moment I wouldn’t have thought to ask them to join me in prayer.
      As always, my heart gives thanks for, and to, you.

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    1. Thank you Lynn. Christmas, like every day of the year, was complicated and interesting.
      I hope that all your wishes for the new year will be fulfilled – although if you’re asking for World Peace I think you may have to wait a few months x

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            1. Ha! Iwould normally have googled it, but I was too tired – now I don’t need to.
              I believe in the power of the collective consciousness, and right at the moment it seems to be a bit negative… Oops, sorry, that was a negative thimg to say. What I meant was the world is improving all the time and we all believe everything is wonderful. Yes, that’s it…

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                1. If we all strove to do that the world would be a better place – our actions would send out ripples…
                  We each need to work out what it is that stops us from being better people. As for me, I need to get a grip on my anger – sometimes that holds me back from reaching out.

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                  1. It’s easy to become disillusioned by other people. A few times recently I’ve come across some very shouty, unpleasant people (a mum screaming across the bus at her kids, young men bragging about going to jail and coming out with a tag) and it makes me want to withdraw from mankind. It can make you believe that no one deserves your care or thought. Which, of course, is nonsense.

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                    1. The worse the world appears, the more important it becomes to care – and the more difficult.
                      I used to give a lot of time to addicts and other troubled souls, but since having to cope with it in my family I have hardened my heart. I don’t feel proud of myself, but I hurt too much to reach out to people I probably can’t help anyway. Maybe my written words will do some good if I manage to get them out there.

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                    2. I hope it will. People need to understand the complexities of addiction in case someone they love falls victim. Facing the horrible truths at the beginning is hard, but may save a certain amount of agony later.

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                    3. Thank you Lynn. I get moments when I feel all hope is gone, and then I pick myself up again. I’m feeling a little more positive today. Paul’s coming to see me. It was his birthday yesterday, but when he turned up he was so bad-tempered that he took offence at something I said and walked out within a minute, no giving me time to give him the card I had made for him, and I was so proud of it. I drew a picture of one of those strange bathroom fittings people wash their feet in. Its bowl is shaped like a laughing mouth the taps are like eyebrows, and it has the words ‘Happy Bidet’ and a load of tiny hearts around it.
                      I’m going to cook him Tikka Massala, and I’ll be careful not to offend him today…

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                    4. Two steps forward, one back, eh? I like the idea of the card – I do love a pun. I hope he enjoys the card once he finally receives it. And who wouldn’t love someone who cooks them curry! Have a lovely time 🙂

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                    5. He loved the card, but wasn’t able to stay for dinner. We’re doing it tomorrow night instead.
                      The curry wasn’t my idea, it was my eldest daughter, Sarah’s – she’s the one who has brilliant gift ideas – she couldn’t think what to get him for his birthday, so she bought all the ingredients for a curry – including accompaniments.

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