My child spirit


it was a time when magic was ever there;
the iridescent dawn rarely questioned until
the miracle of it overwhelmed,
spilling deep within, overfilling my spirit,
bringing dewy tears which would evaporate
into the still of the morning.

too many unsettling questions,
energetically dissipated by racing limbs,
by shrieks and laughter; by games,
as I tried to hide the differences,
wishing only to fit in.


I was going to give this poem the title “Now I know how my mother must have felt.” She was deeply religious, and that’s where she kept it; hidden deep inside, because my father did not allow religion into the house.

©Jane Paterson Basil


31 thoughts on “My child spirit

        1. I didn’t go to bed until after five am this morning (no, I didn’t see Santa and his reindeer flying across the sky) and it was such a strange night full of disaster, catharsis and syncronicity. I think we are getting somewhere.

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      1. Progress is always good – I’m really pleased for you and Paul. Recharging the batteries after such a tiring time is really important. You need to look after yourself, too. I hope you can relax and top up those energy reserves 🙂

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          1. Well, maybe, if it’s warm and dry enough, a potter round a garden. I don’t know about you, but here everything still seems to be growing. Not only are some daffs coming up, I have fresh shoots on my verbena bonariensis – very odd!

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              1. Yes, not a good thing, you’re right. And I agree with you – I have a nasty feeling the weather might not get much colder this winter. By the Spring, they’ll be an army of slugs marching across everything we plant!

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                  1. It’s hard not to get frustrated by the number of pests out there. I try not to use anything nasty in the garden that might poison the birds, but it’s tough when you’re bombarded by so many darn slugs!

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                    1. My daughter took on an allotment a few months ago, and she has been inundated with slugs – not surprisingly, as her patch is one of the few slug-friendly spaces on those alltments. She says she’s not going to use pellets, but i don’t know what truly effective alternative there is. Her dad uses beer traps, and he says they work, but they didn’t eradicate the problem in our garden at the campsite in Sussex last year.


                    2. I think they do work up to a point. But you have to change the beer regularly and slop out the remains regularly too. I’m not overly squeamish, but if you forget to do it for a while, it is pretty revolting! They say you should leave some snails for the birds, but as the birds round here keep getting killed off by the cats, nature’s all out balance.

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                    3. We humans should hang our heads in shame for the things we have done, and continue to do to the environment. When our ancestors killed off the wolves and wildcats they didn’t know what they were doing, but we do, and we still meddle with nature.

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                    4. But there are also many trying to redress some of these horros – with some success too. Look how birds of prey have been reintroduced, beavers, boar – we have otters in Bristol docks! A lot of wildlife will outlive humans – I find that heatening. The world has had mass extinctions before, but life in some form finds a way.

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                    5. Aren’t they? There’s an otter sanctuary called the Chestnut Centre not far from my mum’s place – my other half and I spent some lovely times there when we first met. Magic

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                    6. Sounds a lot more romantic than getting drunk together and falling around in a nightclub, shouting at each other in an effort to be heard over the noise that is loosely titled music.
                      There I go, showing my age again…

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                    7. Ha! Pretty much describes a night in most pubs or clubs. I don’t understand why pubs play such loud music – is it because if the music makes it impossible to talk, you’ll focus on drinking just to give you something to do? Haven’t been to a pub in ages.

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