Home décor



she excels at selecting presents,
but although most of my accessories
enjoyed their first days in another place
I am obsessive about my colour scheme,
and I glanced uneasily at the gift-tagged package,
secretly fearing it may be differently shaded;
picturing Indian sequinned purple, or even
a tasteful but innappropriate shade of grey.
I should have had more faith.

star-spangled wrapping lies about my feet,
dampened by tears of appreciation
as I hug the cushion to me
the words “never forget you are loved”
emblazened across it’s crisp fabric
sinking into my torn heart and warming my cheek.

©Jane Paterson Basil


10 thoughts on “Home décor

    1. My eldest daughter, the lovely Sarah. She’s the real mum of the family – I go to her for advice, and she gently puts me right when I mess up.
      My two older daughters rarely get a mention on my blog, but I’m very proud of them.

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        1. Iyt’s kind of you to say so, but I’ve often wondered whether a mistake was made when she was born – she’s so much more sensible than the rest of us.
          When she was only two-and-a-half, and we sent shopping, I would often forget to pick up the list from the table. As soon as I realised it, I’d tell her everything I knew I had to get, and when we reached the shops she noticed if I omitted to pick anything up, and reminded me!
          That’s the truth. At the time I was pregnant with Claire, who was born when Sarah was two years and seven months old. She’s a marvel. They both are, in their own ways.

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