tired feet slapping as I’m dashing down the lane
rapping out rhymes in my overactive brain
random ramblings rushing like a runaway train
can’t locate the brakes and I think I may derail
scattering my passion in the wake of my trail
an ambiguous failure lacking wind in my sails

I’m gasping for breath but I’m almost there
in the kitchen at Elaine’s I sink into a chair
with a mundane mumble on the state of my hair
while she switches on the kettle to make a cup of tea
I regulate my breathing as she listens to me
and I’m grateful to find myself where I need to be

©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “Friendship

    1. To tell you the truth I was just describing how I feel every time I leave the house, but when I go to see Elaine I calm down. I’m visiting her tomorrow. I usually scribble poetry all the way there. We start off by catching up, and sharing the week’s troubles and triumphs, then we have lunch and possibly go for a walk, because it’s not good gardening weather. We we get back we have a meal and spend the evening cheating at scrabble, hurling hysterical insults at each other and falling off our chairs laughing – although to be fair, Elaine never falls off her chair, that’s just me…
      I get home at about midnight, feeling renewed. We try to spend one day a week together.

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  1. I love this! Running/walking (as it is mostly is in my case) tends to get my muse-juices running; I often feel like I’ve got a lot of good ideas bumping around in my brain, and I struggle to remember them as I rush back toward home (though often times I stop to scribble down something).

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      1. Shall we just say, I once shared a soul with an ignorant, foolish, immature boy called Steve… A long time ago and best forgotten… I just wanted to bring that link to your attention. You’re a fantastic writer and should get your work out there.

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