“I can’t understand it,
it’s never happened to me before.”
that oft repeated red-faced remark,
made by men of a certain age.
Men with shaming unresolved health issues.
Men who sneak into cheap motels for
guilty assignations with secretaries.
Men who are experiencing extremes of stress.
Men who are overtired or have been drinking.
Men who can pinpoint no reason.

I can’t understand it,
it’s never happened to me before.
With scarlet face I admit my disgrace.
I have been a certain age
I have had unresolved health issues.
My history includes the occasional assignation
when there was desire and reason to be secretive.
I have experienced extremes of stress.
I have been overtired,
and sometimes I have drunk a little too much;
so I can pinpoint no reason,
because through it all
I could always write,
until this day.

I’m carrying out some advice I once read: “Write badly, every day.” I assume it means “Write every day, even if what you write is uninspired.”

©Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “Impotent

        1. I have a low tolerance to alcohol. I small glass of brandy has me falling off chairs, and landing on the floor laughing like a drain, no matter how bad the situation is. A couple of years ago someone recommended that I should keep a bottle tucked away for real emergencies, so I did. It was before Paul went to prison – just before he moved the crack dealers into my home while I was at work. When I went to take a dram, there was none left. He’s drunk the lot.
          I haven’t bothered since. I make do with hot chocolate, too, but it doesn’t make me laugh, and laughter is my favorite medicine…

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