Hot chocolate

I could meander in free verse about what I did today
but I appear to have nothing interesting to say.
Perhaps I should compose a poem about addiction
but I don’t really want depressing non-fiction.

I’d like to pick on Shakespeare for a parody,
But I’ve come to respect him, so I’ll let him be.
A sonnet on love may be rather sweet,
but I can’t seem to focus on the rhyme or the beat.

I could write about a horse, or a cat, or a dog,
but I feel as if my brain is surrounded by fog.
How about a fiction with a futuristic tone?
but my brain is shrivelled and it’s dry as a bone.

I try to write an ode about frustration and tears,
but some shrunken grey matter slips out of my ears.
Surely I could manage a poem about the beach –
but the words have skipped from my poetic reach.

I could write a simple haiku on a gossamer wing,
but I have no inspiration for the smallest thing.
So I’ll make a mug of chocolate and go to bed
and concentrate on having sweet dreams instead.

Β©Jane Paterson Basil


33 thoughts on “Hot chocolate

  1. Ah, Jane, this is awesome and so apt for me, right now…I am considering writing a sonnet but after reading this, I may simply make hot chocolate πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh, don’t worry, Jane, I’ve been considering a sonnet for three days now…the hot chocolate will be a welcome distraction…besides, I think in senryu so it’s hard to focus on longer poetry πŸ˜€

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  2. I hope your dreams were sweet, Jane, and let you have some respite from the reality of your frustrations. As long as you communicate in a way your readers understand that is never writing badly, just not being satisfied with your own words and quite unimportant. You might not think you ‘have anything interesting to say’ but that line in itself is increddibly informative, well to me it is.I thnk you’re a little fed up at not having anything new, enjoyable and exciting going on today and the prospect is depressing; t’s called ‘January 4th and why hasn’t the great new year I was promised started yet?’ syndrome. It will begin when you stop waiting for it. It happens to me every year. btw as you were noddding off around 3am I was waking up to make a hot drink as my various pains made their usual inroads into my sleep pattern, if it exists. Let’s both start the year again. πŸ™‚ God Bless. Anton

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    1. I used to wake up on New Year’s Day with high hopes. After a couple of weeks I had settled back to normality, and it was ok, but the past few years have been disastrous right from the beginning, and I’ve stopped expecting January to bring changes. It’s too painful when everything falls apart. Yes, today is January 4th – my son’s 28th birthday, and the reason I can’t write is because I don’t want to have to admit to how bad it has all become. I’m all for for openness and honesty, but if I go down that road this time it could be damaging for someone I love.
      I’m in a strange trap. I don’t know where to go from here, but I’m very aware that we all have our troubles, and mine are no worse than yours, just different. I’m sorry you have to live with such pain. It must be exhausting, apart from anything else.
      I’ll take your advice and celebrate tonight. I’m going to see in the New January 5th, and I’ll raise a glass to your health – although it won’t be a glass, it will be a mug of hot chocolate.


          1. I do have a thing for hot chocolate myself – though most of the ones from chain coffee shops are awful. Two much sugar, too little taste. There’s a couple of cafes I know that make them with flake chocolate, though – now you’re talking. πŸ™‚

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            1. I used to buy tins of really rich flaked chocolate from Sainsbury’s, years ago. It was called Chocolat, and was gorgeous, but they stopped selling it – I think they asked for exclusive rights, and were refused, or something. I have a feeling Harrods still stock it. Maybe I’ll google it, and treat myself on my birthday. It’s time I started buying myself presents.
              Or maybe if I grated plain chocolate (from Lidl, BTW), and added milk, that would be just as good.
              it tickles me – mention the word chocolate in a post or a comment, and the discussion goes on forever. It must send out more ripples than an atom bomb.
              CHOCOLATE, NOT BOMBS!

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              1. Here! Hear! Surely, the world would be a better place if all that Trident money was spent on chocolate instead. Okay, we’d all be diabetic … Predictably, I’m a bit of a chocolate fan. I don’t think I entirely trust a person who claims not to like it – or cheese πŸ™‚

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                1. I love both cheese and chocolate. Christmas is a problem for me. buy all sorts of speial cheeses, and then when I go to eat them I don’t know which one to start on. It’s stupidly frustrating, but I do it every year.

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                    1. Never eaten Roquefort. As me and the other half are both veggie, we look out for the V symbol – and the French just don’t make many veggie cheeses. Not sure there are many French vegetarians …

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                    2. French. Vegetarian. Nope – those words just don’t fit together…
                      I was vegetarian for many years -from age 17-23, then again from the age of about 30, when one of my daughters stopped eating meat, (veggie cheeses were rubbish back then) but I have slipped up badly of late, and I never was good about cheese.
                      A lot of my family have gone, or are in the process of going vegan – it makes me feel extremely guilty.
                      Maybe I have too much stress to focus on my ethics, but I’m not sure it’s a good enough excuse.

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                    3. Not sure I could go vegan, though I know it’s a natural extension of vegetarianism. All of those poor cows being constantly milked even when they have no calf to feed – pumped full of antibiotics. It’s a really tough one, though. I use the excuse that as I already have thin bones, I need the calcium. I shall stick to that and keep fooling myself.

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                    4. Don’t beat yourself up about it. There are plenty of self-righteous vegans who will happily do that for you. I’ve noticed a lot of vegans get angrier with vegetarians more than with meat-eaters. I know why, but it’s ridiculous!

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                    5. Ha! I’m sure you’re right, though I don’t know any, so I couldn’t say. We try to do our bit, don’t we? At least some of us consider these things – even if like me, you can’t completely commit!

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