Red pepper day


be gone from me, dark misery
I beg you, make away
turn your back and cut some slack
for my red pepper day

with wholesome wholemeal seeded loaf
fast crumbled into crumb
and nubbled cheese, and extra seeds
and strongest onion
a subtle touch of spices rare
a hint of garlic here and there
with ripe tomatoes and mushrooms
and almonds cut up fine,
I stuff the crunchy, munchy fruit
to make a meal divine

and as I take it from the stove
and place it on my plate
I know with joyous certainty
that it was worth the wait
and though my day was darkened
by unhappy fate and pain
I wipe my eye and widely smile
the world is kind again
and should I wake tomorrow
with happiness out of reach
I’ll go into the kitchen
and bake myself a quiche

©Jane Paterson Basil


37 thoughts on “Red pepper day

    1. Thank you! I told my friend Elaine that I’d written a poem about the meal I cooked last night. She thought about it, and asid her problem with recipes is that she can’t remember them off by heart – the order in which you mix the ingredients and so on, so she has to keep referring back to the recipe as she’s cooking. She suggested I write a cookery book, but make the recipes into poems, so that they can be easily memorised. She was serious! I think that’s a bit of a tall order – and even if I could do it, I’d have to come up with very popular recipes for readers to consider them worth memorising…

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        1. That’s brilliant! You’ve just made me want to do it, you clever slavedriver.
          BTW, I just did a really good typo, but I corrected it. I wrote “salvedriver.” Maybe I should have left it that way, it’s more appropriate… 😀

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              1. I didn’t know about it. I really do try to live under a rock. That’s sad news. I was talking about Mick Jagger and David Bowie a couple days ago with my 15 year old. He played a Rolling Stones cover song and asked me if I heard it before. I just googled Mick Jagger and there was a post about David Bowie’s death. I didn’t know he was ill. Very talented man. I used to have a crush on him in the 1980’s- forever.

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                  1. I think I just bought the videotape for my kids to watch, but I have to get up and check. My dreamstate is invading my reality this week and I’m not sure I remember correctly. Okay, I was wrong. It was Legend. Trippy. But I remember that film.

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                    1. I haven’t seen it. I’ve devepoped a certain respect for Tom Cruise over the years, although he’s much milgned in my circle, more than anything for his religion – about which I know little except from rumour, and I know how unreliable rumour can be…

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                    2. I can still love the movies even if I don’t love the man. He’s an actor and I prefer his characters rather than him personally. He is successful, but a bit opinionated for me. So I don’t watch the interviews anymore, but I do watch every movie I can. I’m fascinated by the changes stars go through in a lifetime.

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                    3. I go online to get filmographies of actors and trip over tons of spin, I get lost easily, so I find my way back. I don’t have TV either, most of my movies are videotapes and dvd’s that can be watched on my external DVD player. Wow, I forgot one got lost in the move and I totally forgot about it. One day I will have moved in.

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                    4. You too! If I want to watch a tv show from 1980. I see if it is on hulu. If not, I look for old videotapes at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. That’s where I got Legend from. TV now is drivel and the news makes my anxiety go through the roof. Plus, I don’t want Girlie to see the stuff on the news.

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                    5. You can no longer pick up videotapes in this country, but I buy second-hand DVDs from charity shops.
                      I don’t blame you from protecting Girlie from the news. I avoid it myself. I’ve told my family and friends only to talk to me about bad stuff on the news if they think my knowing will make a positive difference, or if someone will be endangered by my ignorance! I don’t think my attitude is selfish, just a matter of self-preservation.

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        1. That’s alovely thing to say! I wish I could inspire myself to cook more often. I usually cook one or two really good, freezable meals once a week, and do enough so that I can eat one portion and feeze between three and six, so that the rest of the week I have a couple of my frozen meals and a couple of salads, or ssimple things like omelette or pasta.
          I used to love cooking…


  1. OMG that made me hungry and it’s too early to go for some onions and garlic and tomatoes and whatever else I shouldn’t be thinking of cooking at 5am having not yet slept. My neighbours don’t appreciate the smell of cooking between late evening and mid-morning but that’s the first time I’ve been tempted to cook something proper in days! Definitely go with the Poems to Eat book idea! (Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out!) 🙂


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