Ocean offspring


I watch the balmy sea unceasingly pull from distant haze,
its baby ripples shimmering toward the sand
and as they build to pregnant swell
I still my breath, anticipating
a growing wall of hushing water,
which holds its shape, then
breath-taking seconds, before
its apex breaks to foaming white, and,
like a raging child, it rains those sprays of angry brine
onto the parent sea, which shushes out a lullaby
soothing its spuming loved-one home, to continue its thrilling odyssey,
ever forgiving the offspring’s sins
however great they may be.

©Jane Paterson Basil


7 thoughts on “Ocean offspring

    1. I’m sorry to say that this is a poem of longing.I can’t bring my daughter back to the fold. She’s made her own muddy puddle far from the shore, and I can’t reach her. Any effort I make does more harm than good.


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