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In memory of a great man, Alan Rickman. Please pass it on.

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And save a life? That’s the tag line on this viral video. Is it really that simple?

On Friday, the British singer Billy Bragg shared a video on his Facebook page with a message explaining one of Alan Rickman’s last projects before his untimely death on January 14. The actor helped some students make this short video to raise money for Save the Children and Refugee Council. According to Bragg, “The more people see the clip, the more money is raised [from advertisers]. All you have to do is watch it and pass it on.”

I’m not sure I understand the economics of YouTube, but if this is really the case, we could all start uploading videos like this one and channelling the funds to people who need it most.

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17 thoughts on “Click on this tortoise

  1. Dear Alan Rickman – and dear Bily Bragg, too. I remember seeing Rickman for the first time – in that Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. He was was the best thing in it by a country mile. And he was wonderful in Truly Madly Deeply as the ghost who couldn’t let go of his old life and love. Sadly missed

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    1. I’d forgotten about Truly Madly Deeply…
      Billy Bragg never changes, and never gives up. He’s an inspiration to us noisy lefties everywhere. I’ve seen him at so many demos over the years – not that I’ve been to any recently.

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          1. I highly recommend him – lefty, funny in a social / political way without being particularly cruel or offensive. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was a mate of Billy Bragg’s, actually – I think they were both involved with Red Wedge years ago. Not surprised Paul doesn’t know him – Hardy is fifty odd and never really made it big on TV, though has done a fair bit of radio.

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            1. I tried to check him out last night, but with both my grandson and Paul being here, it was a little noisy – it was lovely to see them together. Mark has been very angry with Paul. He saw things his uncle should never have subjected him to.

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                1. They used to be so close, and it’s heartwarming to see Mark forgiving Paul. The whole thing hurt him terribly, though he would never admit it, and he also went off the rails a little.
                  Mark is expecting to move your neck of the woods in September. He’s applied to three places in Bristol, but his top choice is the specialist music University there.

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                  1. Wow, good luck to him – that would be fantastic. I think it has a good reputation. I shall hope for the best for him.Though I wouldn’t envy him, mixing with some of the students here – a lot come in the shop and many come across as very snooty!


                    1. Well, I do work in Clifton (where all the snooty students live with their well to do parents!) so I probably have a twisted view of Bristol Uni kids. I’m sure he’d find a good crowd who are really interested in the music. Very good luck to him 🙂

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                    2. It’s funny you should mention the snooty kids. The thing that scares me about Bristol is that I can think of five people I know who went to Bristol to live, and when they came back to North Devon (they all came back within a few years) all of them were heroin addicts.
                      I know one only person who moved to Bristol and came back without a habit.
                      So I hope that I also have a twisted view of Bristol.

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                    3. Being the naive old fart I am, I don’t know whether Bristol is particularly worse than any other city. It certainly has it’s drug problems – it seems rare to encounter people of my age who don’t or never have used drugs, at least socially. But is that widespread across society? I’m guessing, as in a lot of places, it’s all out there if you’re of a mind to use it.

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                    4. Bristol probably isn’t any worse than other cities, but like everywhere, it has its black spots, for example: Eastern, St.Pauls, Knoll West – although it’s pretty mixed around there. But Bristol supplies North Devon with heroin, although other drugs come down from Birmingham and Manchester, and I’m worried that methamphetamine (crystal meth) may be on its way here from Plymouth.
                      There are areas of the country which are relatively drug-free, such as Sussex, (apart from Brighton and Hastings) although as that’s in the millionaire belt, there’s a lot of cocaine behind closed doors.
                      Did you know that bankers love coke? It’s widely accepted that bankers coke habits were to blame for the mess they got the banks into. It makes users arrogant and irresponsible.
                      And I agree, it’s rare to meet anyone of your age who’ve never used drugs. They cut through every social genre. That is less true of my generation, but most of my friends have taken drugs, and several still do – but I tend to mix in musical and artistic circles, so it’s hardly surprising.
                      Sorry, I’m rambling. I’m an expert around these parts – when my children got tied up with drugs I felt I should get to know the enemy. It hasn’t helped me as much as I would like, but gives me a strange kind of kudos at the support group for families of addicts.

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                    5. You’re right, those areas are all reknown for their problems, with drugs, crime, deprivation … Difficult and troublesome places. And yes, I’d heard about bankers and cocaine – as if they don’t have issues enoug with all the adrenalin they must get from earning their enormous wodges of cash and inflated bonuses …


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