Bubble gum

bubblegum-960_720my grandad, in amorous mood

didn’t notice the gum granny chewed,

her best-ever bubble

was popped by his stubble,

and now their lips are glued.


Thank you Esther,
for this week’s sticky challenge!

©Jane Paterson Basil




14 thoughts on “Bubble gum

        1. Three cheers for exhaustion and headaches, the saviours of post-honeymoon, post natal, post-menopausal, disenchanted and disillusioned women all over the Western World.
          May the scratched and sagging doors of our clubhouse forever stay closed to you!

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            1. I made you smile? You made me laugh out loud! There are various responses I could make, but it’s probably best to leave well alone!
              I’ve had a tough day, but your comment has deleted the last of my misery. I’m so glad to know you…

              Liked by 1 person

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