Four nosey posies

This week,  Esther Newton challenged her readers to write a limerick which includes the word ‘Nosey’. I got carried away and wrote four…

The chicken-bellied parson of Aldershot
Was a nosey, backmailing, wicked lot
Even when in repose
The parson’s nose
Could weazel out secrets, and plot

<> <> <> <>

I used to think life was rosey
Til I married a man who was nosey.
I dispised that guy
And his efforts to spy
On my lover and me getting cosy!

<> <> <> <>

I didn’t like the people of this nosey town
The backbiting and rumours got me down
I shot everybody dead
and now, instead
I miss all my friends in this lonely town

<> <> <> <>

And finally:

Nosey Rosie Thompson-Twitty
(although she is really VERY pretty)
has a nose like a bus
but so dangerous
it’s been banished from Birmingham city

<> <> <> <>

©Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “Four nosey posies

    1. I love it when I leave my readers laughing. It makes up for all the tears induced by my serious stuff. 🙂
      Look at that! A smily face – I’m really gettting the hang of this ‘ere blogging lark!!!!!!
      And 6 exclamation marks, followed by a few more!!!
      This comment is beginning to look!!! like a con artist’s special offer!!! poster…


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