The soldier


He leapt the gate, eager to embrace she who had promised to wait forever for him. He saw a movement behind the window. Her adorable face stared longingly past him, aged now, but still beautiful. Elated, he called her name, but she continued to gaze sadly through him. Loudly he repeated her name over and over, but received no recognition. Devasted, he walked slowly away.
Her heart had momentarily leapt. She thought she had seen her long lost love, young and handsome in his soldier’s uniform, but he would be an old man now. His ghost shimmered and disappeared.

©Jane Paterson Basil


6 thoughts on “The soldier

    1. I wrote it in response to a photo prompt of a tired looking Chateau, and I think it came out well, but I couldn’t link it to the prompt because it required In Linkz, and for some reason I can’t access my In Linkz account, so I thought it best to delete the photo prompt. It’s very frustrating…

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    1. Always, all over the world, there are people who wait for loved ones who never return, and sometimes they never receive information on what has become of them. So terribly sad, and mostly preventable, if we could all realize we are one, and learn to live together.

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