The eighth

the telling of lies

ought to be on record as

the eighth deadly sin

<> <> <>

©Jane Paterson Basil


12 thoughts on “The eighth

  1. I like this! I personally hate liars of any kind. I prefer people telling me the truth, not bluntly, but in the nicest way possible. It hurts to see people you love tell you something which you then ingrain in your head, but it was never even true. Occasional white lies may be alright but otherwise, no. I chose the 8th sin at ignorance. Please check it out at

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      1. Ah, I get what you’re saying now. That’s a tricky one, isn’t it – so often the lies we label white are actually a sort of a muddy grey. I think I’ll just wander away from this eighth deadly sin, whistling innocently, and pretend it has nothing to do with me, because it raises too many difficult questions which may tax my brain… 😀

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