It’s timepetition com – I mean competition time!

Inspired by the Roover and Spender – sorry, the Reverend Spooner, I’ve bane pleeing – oops! been playing in the cutlery drawer. Yes, that’s what I mean, the cutlery drawer, and I’ve raid a little mime – here we go again, I mean I’ve ride a little maim – no no! I’ve made a little rhyme which became slightly confused, what with spoonerisms and kniferisms and the like. Perhaps someone could unravel it for me. First person to succeed wins something peculiar from the back of my cupboard, if they’re prepared to come to North Devon, England, and collect it…

I saught I thaw a flubbertie
flowing Ivorhead
but when I gooked a lane I saw
the thor pittle ding was lead
and it was skropping drew the thigh
like it was laid of med

I bought I thaw a sumblebee
fluzzing in a bower
but when I lanced another chook
it was flot a nower
and it was botanee –
and I felt piss endowered

goys and burls, it’s a wunny old furled
where thongs are knit
always the way sings theme
rare theal wings and sot you wee
don’t always take a meam
so weed my horning and cook larefully
whenever ye sue a flubbertie, a bower or a flea

©Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “Flubbertie

        1. Thank you. We could so a swap, You cauld have this in exchange: Nirantarāndhakāritā-digantara-kandaladamanda-sudhārasa-bindu-sāndratara-ghanāghana-vr̥nda-sandehakara-syandamāna-makaranda-bindu-bandhuratara-mākanda-taru-kula-talpa-kalpa-mr̥dula-sikatā-jāla-jaṭila-mūla-tala-maruvaka-miladalaghu-laghu-laya-kalita-ramaṇīya-pānīya-śālikā-bālikā-karāra-vinda-galantikā-galadelā-lavaṅga-pāṭala-ghanasāra-kastūrikātisaurabha-medura-laghutara-madhura-śītalatara-saliladhārā-nirākariṣṇu-tadīya-vimala-vilocana-mayūkha-rekhāpasārita-pipāsāyāsa-pathika-lokān.
          It’s Sanskrit, and is the longest word in any language. I don’t use it all that much anyway, because I have no idea what it means, and google won’t let me copy and paste it all, so I can’t find out.

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