Is it me?

so I’m just sitting,
ring-stained mug at my elbow,
eyes flicking
from laptop screen
to the world beyond my wet window pane;
my gauzy reflection a shadow so easy to miss,
even when dull, rain-drenched view of early dusk,
misty and uncertain,
only half beckons, feigning indifference

sometimes I wonder if I am living my life
or just living it out
and I think
is it me
or has the sky run out of ideas?

©Jane Paterson Basil


11 thoughts on “Is it me?

    1. Thank you. I have to write between constant interruptions, so I often lose the flow. When that happens I look out of my window, empty my mind, and wait for a thought to appear. Then I try to write and post it before the next whirling dervish appears. To make matters worse the internet is being an arsehole at the moment.

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        1. I’ve only had a computer for about five years, and for the first four years I used to feel really smug when others complained of internet troubles, thinking “it never happens to me.” How are the mighty fallen…
          (I don’t know whether that’s a well known quote, or just a favorite of my mother’s) 🙂

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