fresh #haiku

frost pinches the nose;

the sun, poised to warm the earth,

promises fresh shoots.

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©Jane Paterson Basil


4 thoughts on “fresh #haiku

    1. Are you talking about my new header? Yes, they are. I don’t suppose you have them in Utah. They’re beautiful, and very symbolic for me. After the death of winter, they tell me my birthday is close, and spring will follow.
      Laura knows how I feel about snowdrops, and she probably picked them in the place I used to go every day, just to see the first one bloom.

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        1. It’s the 10th February, and I tend to dread it (too many bad memories of Mike’s weird game-playing – it transpires that birthday are a favorite thing for sick people to ruin) but Sarah and Claire always do their best for me, and this year Sarah has bravely decided to cook Tapas for us all. I’m already licking my lips in anticipation. I WILL enjoy my birthday, even though I know that one of my children will be missing because she’s not allowed anywhere near the grandchildren or Claire, and I expect another of them will be absent too. I’ll leave the decision up to Sarah. She’s the most sensible member of the family.

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