not a sonnet #haiku

a half-formed phrase

tickles my ribcage, longing

to be a sonnet

<> <> <>

©Jane Paterson Basil


22 thoughts on “not a sonnet #haiku

          1. I was sitting here waiting, then realized that you were going to post the haiku on your site. So I went over there and read it…I love it. Giggled as I read it. Then I read much more of your blog…and left you a comment. 🙂


                1. I forgot how to laugh for a while. I used to remember the sound of it, and the feeling in my belly, and long to get it back. Those were dark days. Now make a point of digging up humour no matter how deep it is buried.


                    1. I have some really heavy stuff in some of those little “rooms,” but long ago I decided that my life will be as happy as I can be, and when problem areas (how’s that for a euphemism? LOL) come up I am determined to deal with them but not let them deal with me. Not trying to be cute, just sayin’

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                    2. I’m a member of Families Anonymous, a support group for the families and friends of addicts, and our purpose is to make the most of life in spite of unsolved difficulties – it sounds like you have the same philosophy.


    1. That would be embassassing. I often get ideas when I’m visiting people.
      “Hi Sarah – I just though I’d pop round and see you for a moment – have you got a pen and paper handy; I’ve just had an idea for a poem – whoopsadaisy! Sorry about the sofa, err, do you have a cloth?”
      😀 😀

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