One of the challenges this week in Esther Newton’s Weekly Writing Challenge is to write a limerick with the word ‘Elephant’ in it. Irresistable!

an elephant discovered some ants
inside his big elephant pants
an attack so immense
made him horribly tense
but not half as much as the ants

<> <> <>

©Jane Paterson Basil


10 thoughts on “Pants

    1. Thank you Anton. I was weaned on A. A. Milne and brought up on a diet of Edward Lear, Lewis Carol (his poems) and Spike Milligan (in addition to the serious classical poets – my mother loved to recite poetry. I love limericks and making them up was a favourite pastime when I was a child. It hadn’t occurred to me that the metamorphosis of limericks was deliberate – I assumed it came about because those who don’t hale from Old Blighty didn’t understand the rules concerning rhythm and rhyme.

      It’s good to see your face again. I have been concerned about you.


    1. I don’t write a lot of these now, so I’m a little rusty, but as a child I thought them up in my head, and it was easy to come up with a funny idea. It’s like anything, it gets easier with practice.
      Maybe a good limerick is all about juxtaposition.

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