at first your love seemed free from impurity
but now you are stripped of your false security
what you thought was love was desire for possession
and he’s crushing your soul with each angry session

Written for Lynn’s Love Nudge Day 4: Security

©Jane Paterson Basil


4 thoughts on “Security

  1. You know when you’re done with these you could get on the internet and find the list of what holidays there are all year long (like Tuesday night was National Pizza Day) and then write a poem for that holiday for each day! You know. Just to keep you limbered up! 😀 Could be YOUR event!

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    1. What happened here? I posted a reply last night, and it’s disappeared…
      It’s a great idea, but I’m not that organised – my life is too chaotic. Sometimes i don’t manage to get to WordPress until after midnight (British time) and it’s hard to keep up with the thoughts that are already crowding my head. I’m permanently exhausted from sleep deprivation.


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