Lazy #haiku



abluesky 1111

scant cotton-wool clouds

lazy in the blue expanse

warmed by the sun’s smile

<> <> <>

©Jane Paterson Basil


15 thoughts on “Lazy #haiku

  1. Floaty! Clouds are very inspiring. Did I ever post the very first poem I wrote in second grade? Got a ribbon for it! 😀

    The clouds are like soft, soft pillows
    that I lay my head upon.
    They keep me warm and soft all night
    until the night is gone.

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    1. When you were seven or eight – is that right? we don’t have grades over here – in fact it would almost be an exaggeration to say we have education!
      That’s a lovely poem, and seems very advanced for a seven-year old. It deserved a ribbon. We never got ribbons, just little paper stars stuck in our workbooks. These days the most a teacher does is to scribble a small smiley face or write Good work! underneath well-executed assignments.

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