My friend Laurie

I got a phone call an hour ago. My friend Laurie has died.

He was a showman, an entertainer, enthralling his audience with fascinating characterisations; an artist and master of disguise, he painted his face in shades of green, gold and white, but the thickest of slap couldn’t hide the fact that he was human. Although his smile was a treat that illuminated the senses, it wasn’t needed. Warmth and humour shone through his eyes. He had a life, a history that I wish I could write; leaving a record of all that he was, because

he was a unique marvel and

he meant a great deal to me.

Although the pain is too great at this moment in time for me to write a clever tribute, but I felt I had to fight through the mist of my tears and say something, no matter how inadequate about this beautiful man.

©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “My friend Laurie

    1. Thank you Katherine. I think you are probably right. If I had left it longer I may have tried to be clever. I don’t want to be admired for my words – I just want people to read them and say “He must have been a wonderful man.” He was – far too good to be word-smithed away.

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