Awfully glad to know you, she said,
But sometimes I want to smack your head.
Can’t you see how it gets us all down?
Don’t you know how to un-crease that frown?
Even your mother is sick of the gloom,
Filling the corners of her living room,
Grinding her down when you walk in her place.
How come there’s never a smile on your face?
I would like you to show those white teeth to me.
Just let go and grin. How hard can it be?
Kindly give up that horrid expression;
Leave behind your air of depression.
Must you infect everybody you see,
No matter how happy they used to be?
Out with the old, and in with the new,
Perk up man! It’s the least you can do.
Quicken your step and lighten your load.
Reach into your buried happy abode,
Show us all the tickles hidden inside,
Take the joy train for a nice long ride.
Underneath it all I’m sure you are aware
Vast miles of joy will welcome you there,
While all who you meet will love you dearly…
X-ray specs would not show more clearly
Your need to act on my ardent appeal
Zone in and see how much better you feel.

Q) What do you do when the sky has fallen on your head?
A) Write an alphabetic acrostic poem.


©Jane Paterson Basil


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