Untitled 2. Guest Poet spot

My grandson Mark tells it like he sees it, in the second of two poems he generously gave me permission to post.

A metaphysical pilgrimage lavished with ecstacy
Physicality is blind only the mind can see
The alignment of our souls’ own perfect symmetry
This exponential force lies in the geometry
The remedy set in realisation of our entity
And that all and one is simple its all just energy
So I specifically collect intellectual concepts
So I can decide for myself and expect what to percept
I have kept these thoughts stored in my head
And intercept the source through what I’ve read
Coz knowledge is power and yet its still free
It helps through lifes milestones with epiphany
It’s extraordinary the anomalies that I rarely see
When most be perplexed or distraught with mountains of greed
Its not really that complex just source out the seed
Life bleeds Existence symmetry fuels the pistons
Taking every chance to get into the Distance
Mishaps happen but don’t get wet with the piss pants
Fat rants clapping in my head worse than sycophants
In a trance rapping doing flips while I psycho dance
Romance lapping wounds healing at a first glance
It’s true man’s sapping at the world just to enhance
All this stabbing in the dark we’ve got no chance

©Mark Clements


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