The Green Man

Image of Laurie, The Green Man of Pilton

Such a gentle celebration of the gentle life of a gentle man,
who eased himself with dignity into his restful sleep.
We cannot see him now; but when grief recedes
we may feel his spirit, watching over the seasons,
a smile across his generous lips as he regally presides
over the ever-present cycle of birth, death and regeneration

The Green Man of Pilton, emerald life grows from him.
The Green Man of Pilton, heralding each new Spring,
with its budding colour in woodland, meadow and hedge
The Green Man of Pilton, Lawrence Hilton Wedge.
I wept when they told me that he had died,
but theGreen Man‘s immortality will not be denied.

©Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “The Green Man

    1. Thank you Raili. Regret lies largely in the things we didn’t do. I didn’t see him as often as I would have liked. We talked about catching up, but we never named a date, and now, as so often happens, it is too late…
      Next year there will be a different Green Man at the local Green Man festival. Life goes on…

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  1. We hold a Green Man Festival in our town, and Laurie was our Green Man for years. He was often to be seen in the area, on stilts, in several guises – Jack Frost was my favourite. Years ago I ran Santa’s Grotto in our local shopping centre – I designed and put together the set. That’s when I first met him. He applied for the job of Santa, and he was the real thing. I insisted that my elves should act the part, and the whole thing was terrific – totally convincing. By the time we had walked a child through our woodland scene we knew their names and even the kind of gift the child would probably appreciate. It would be hand picked from our selection and waiting at Santa’s feet, with the child’s name on it. Often Santa would pretend to be asleep, and the child would have to wake him, then there’d be the hilarious rigmarole of pretending to look for the gift, and then finding it. I was very proud of the Grotto – I’ve never heard of it being done that way before, but i wanted it to be an unforgettable experience for each child. It was Laurie who made it perfect.
    Though it’s a pity he ALWAYS turned up late, and we had to try and keep our impatiient customers calm…


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