Widgets – Grrr

Ok, so I am unable to comment in the comments boxes of blogs – that’s bad enough, but I wanted to display the badge for the A to Z challenge; I now find I can’t do that either. My blog appears to be crumbling.

This little setback is not going to prevent me from doing the challenge…


15 thoughts on “Widgets – Grrr

  1. I had the same problem with A to Z badge but eventually I just gave up (scared that something might explode, I’m that bad with technology). As for the comments problem, maybe you should google it, it usualy helps me (especialy those explanations with pictures). Good luck with the challenge, I’m doing it too 🙂
    Love your blog!

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    1. Thank you for the advice and your kind comment about my blog.I contacted the WP team, and am waiting for a response, but I’ll try googling it.
      I tried to check out your blog, but got a ‘deleted’ notice. Is that right? Just at the moment I don’t trust anything…

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      1. For the badge, are you missing the second URL by any chance?

        Image URL: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-f0v3Q5SmStY/VqFmksvC2eI/AAAAAAAAWYg/0kGavYQDYtA/s1600/A2Z-BADGE%2B%255B2016%255D.jpg

        Width and Height should be set at about 300 each

        And you need the link URL: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

        I was missing that one and couldn’t get it to work, either. Then one of the gals asked me if I had put that in there because they wanted people to be able to click on it and have it take them to the Challenge. It worked fine after that.

        I never did figure out why I was having a problem commenting. It suddenly just cleared itself up!

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        1. I didn’t know what size the image should be, but it has made no difference.
          Now I have a widget which says “Please configure the image widget in your widget settings,” even though I’ve done that.
          I give up. I’ll just post a link to the challenge each day.

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            1. I’ll try again now, but I know it’s not me. Something has gone wrong in the belly of my blog. I wish the WP team would get back to me. Being unable to communicate properly is not only putting me off blogging, it’s putting me off writing…

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              1. You know, I’ve left at least three questions on the support forums in the last year, none of which have been dealt with. I’ve been having trouble with my hovercards. Somehow I’ve managed to turn them off, so now I can’t click on them and go to someone’s blog. Even if I WANT to return a visit I don’t know the name of the blog. I just asked THAT question a second time. I have NO clue how I turned them off to begin with. But I AM getting irritated with the non-response.

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                    1. I’ve posted stuff off and on, but no pays any attention anyway. I think they’re a little clicky over there. But I just went and left a note anyway. We’ll see if anyone answers.

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    1. Thank you, and thank you for the follow on twitter – I joined twitter in 2012, but have not yet figured out the etiquette, or even how to use it. I’ll get it sussed eventually…


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