#atozchallenge Lazy


it’s late, and I’ve been out all day.
I’m tired, but I still have a little energy
and if you required it I would willingly
push my body into physical activity –
walk through the night to keep you company,
paint your kitchen,
or saw timber to build shelves –
but my brain is feeling lazy
all evening it has been sleeping fitfully.

no amount of prodding and poking
will induce it to think up a poem
inspired by the letter L

©Jane Paterson Basil


22 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Lazy

      1. You’re welcome! Well, sometimes the weather affects our mood. If it’s raining here in the Philippines, I would get cozy in bed, holding my tablet and read blogs I follow. At least it’s not hot there in your place.

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        1. Funny you should say that – I live in a block of nearly forty flats, and most of the tenants like to have there heating (and the heating in the hallways) on full all the time. I don’t use my heating at all, because I’m so hot – even in winter – that I have to keep the windows open all all the time, day and night. I think i shut them for a couple of hours about six times when the weather reached its coldest, but then I got too hot again…

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          1. Is that so? I live in a tropical country and as I observe it’s getting hotter every passing years most probably due to global warming. Good thing you’re body is warm in cold weathers, I wish mine’s cold.

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                1. I started hearing people say that in the early 1960’s, and I refused to believe it – I thought we would have the sense to turn things around, but we didn’t. Instead we accelerated the damage, and now I think you may be right. It’s terrible, because most of the planets species are not to blame, but they’re suffering too.

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                    1. Unfortunately, you are correct. The least thing that we could do is help with simple things like stop burning plastics, plant some trees, garbage segregation, etc. Small as it is, it will have a positive impact in the end. Cheers!

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        1. LOL! The only reason I struggle to keep my body awake is so that my brain can keep working, and right now I’m exhausted. I don’t often say this, (I’ve probabLy never said it) but I think I’ve overdone it these past three weeks.
          Now I know why people have TVs…

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