#atozchallenge Oscillating


Like a super-bouncy ball in a room of many jutting angles, my emotions oscillate between randomly hit letters of the alphabet, activating a corresponding feeling.

A may be Angry, awkward or anxious
B could be Bothered, or bitter or bumptious
C comes in Cheery, clumsy or calm,
D may find me Desperate or dumb
E is Eager, exhausted or edgy
F is Fearful, forgiving or funny
and so it continues, from a through to z
the feelings oscillate in my head
I feel Guilty or Happy or coldly Indifferent
Jocular, Kind or occasionally Malevolent
Nauseated, Odd, Peeved, Quirky or Rattled
Sad, Thankful, Useless, Vital or Wacky
at least I haven’t got the Xenophobe’s desease
but the lack of an X gives me little ease
by night-time I am Yearning for a restful night
Zonked out, dreaming, sleeping tight.


©Jane Paterson Basil


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