What is “recovery”, anyway??

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abbie in wondrland

I’m involved in a research study about addiction recovery, and I thought this probably needed to be shared. I trust you’re having a sunny(ish) and pleasant(ish) day.

Definition of Recovery

Although millions of individuals and family members who are “in recovery” know what “recovery” means to them and how important it is in their lives, up until relatively recently there was no formal, accepted definition of recovery. For the general public and for those who research, evaluate, and develop policies about alcoholism and drug addiction, recovery is a concept that can sometimes seem unclear. Even worse, to the general public, the term “recovery” is seen as “someone who is trying to stop using alcohol or other drugs.” Clearly, it’s time for a change.

Essentially, recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is a complex and dynamic process encompassing all the positive benefits to physical, mental and social health that can happen…

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4 thoughts on “What is “recovery”, anyway??

    1. I would like to see it written in the sky, for everyone to read, to remind addicts where those steps could lead them, once they find the strength to break through the pain barrie 🙂 There is life beyond addiction.

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      1. Addiction is a stranglehold on your life and you don’t realize it until it’s done a lot of damage, but there is always a possibility of salvation and new beginnings. It’s sad that some never find a way out.

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