#atozchallenge Purple and pink


My protaganist liked pretty paper and ink;scroll-307482_960_720
she purchased purple paper and pens in pink.biro-149
Poppy was a poet and a pauper to boot –
and she prayed that her poems would bring in loot.
She petitioned the publisher she prized the most
by popping her precious poems in the post.scroll-307482_960_720
The publisher perused the pages from Poppy                                     biro-149
but he refused to print a single copy,
pronouncing it was pointless to produce
a paperback that served no proper use.
Poor Poppy had penned her poems in pink,scroll-307482_960_720
and purple paper swallows up that shade of ink;                biro-149
perhaps she hadn’t pegged that the sheets appeared blank,
but the publisher perceived it as a petty prank.

©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Purple and pink

      1. It’s ok. I think I was burned out from doing the 44-day Lenten challenge. But I’ll hang in there. I picked he wrong theme to use, too. I’ll know better next time. You’re doing really well, though!

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  1. I was going to make a clever “P” comment, but I think Calen swiped that up already.. so I’ll just say that was a fun one! I honestly was very impressed with how you could do so much alliteration and make it sound like a natural story!

    Liked by 1 person

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