#AtoZ challenge Quell


I see you trying to quell the grief
when you would do better to sit awhile with it
as if it were your welcome companion.
Misery, for all it’s power, all it’s strength, is insecure.
like a frightened child, it will cling to you.
Only when you embrace it, will it feel free to leave,
knowing that it may return occasionally for a casual visit –
but do not become too comfortable with it
or force it to stay;
over-used grief has a way of reeking revenge
by spiriting our friends away.

Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “#AtoZ challenge Quell

        1. Do you think I should rewrite it one book at a time? Maybe I should condense each chapter into a haiku – that would get more people reading God’s word. They could get through both the old and the new testament in a day or two, and instead of getting a couple of verses read out to you in church, you get a whole chapter! 😀

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