#AtoZ Challenge #Starting again


this time,
perhaps for the first time
we are starting again.

this time
my eyes crinkle at the corners
as they stare bravely ahead.
the fear has been extinguished by a vision
of his glittering possibility.

this time
I do not tremble, hope or wish.
I do not wake, frightened, in the night.
I know I will stand fast if he falters;
he will not take me with him.

this time
I have had the strength to free him
from his ability to manipulate me.
we have come to an understanding;
a state of combined love and respect.

this time
I am not looking behind me
at the loss and the waste of our lives
I am not angrily recounting in my head
the forgotten promises and intentions.

this time,
this time, for the first time,
we have started again.

©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “#AtoZ Challenge #Starting again

    1. Thanks Michelle – I’d love it if you did a happy dance – and I’d join you, but I’m exhausted, but happy.
      I’m glad you showed up. I don’t know why, but all my comments have been disappearing into spam folders, and the only way I can get to comment on bloggers posts is if they restore them. I think you have some in your spam folder. Do you think you can take a look, please? Not being able to comment when I read a good post is so frustrating that I haven’t been following stuff.


      1. I found you in that box, and restored and approved the comment, I don’t see why WP would do that, I guess they will have to explain themselves.
        I’ll do the dance, a little more vigorously for two, and hope you get your well deserved rest.
        My busy season part one is drawing to a close, so I won’t be MIA as much I hope. I’ve missed you guys so much these last few weeks.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you for restoring the comment – I’m surprised there was only one. I think the spamming could have been a technical error – I don’t think I’ve offended anyone.
          It’s good to know you’ll have time for more writing.


    1. It took a nasty episode yesterday with Paul to finally get to where I am today. On his second day out of prison I threw him out (he got drunk and was insulting). He slept in a doorway and came back dripping wet from the rain and very ashamed. I’ve adopted a zero tolerance policy.
      No alcohol and no mind-altering substances. We had a good day today, although he wasn’t well.
      We’re getting somewhere 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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