#AtoZ Challenge Zonked


I could have gone for zest or zeal,
but it’s not the way I feel.
When I zipped through the dictionary
Zinnia appealed to me,
but I’m feeling too sleepy
though their blooms are sweet.
While Zirbanit and Zakuski
don’t mean a thing to me,
a poem about Zamite
would have been a treat
if I could work up the energy
to learn about Geology,
but now I want to snuggle up
with the weight off my feet.
So today’s word is zonked
and any minute now
I will fall asleep.


©Jane Paterson Basil


16 thoughts on “#AtoZ Challenge Zonked

    1. What, the challenge? I don’t think so, though it’s hard to tell. I’m glad I did it, because of the poem Xenodochial -which, BTW, was inspired by your post about hiraeth. If it hadn’t been for me thinking about that I may never have figured it out. It’s not the first time you have inspired me.

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      1. You’re just so open to EVERYTHING these days. You’re like a big deep well fillin’ up with fresh spring water. You amaze me what you come up with sometimes. And THEN you make a freakin’ poem out of it!

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        1. aybe it’s just a particular brand of craziness…
          You suggested you would be uo for doing this challenge gain next year. Did you mean it?I want to ask you tha same question you asked me – what did you gain from it?

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