Faye’s revenge

Charybdis left the seas for dryer climes.
Cleverly transferring her talents from water to air,
and lurked in wait,
hidden, behind a bin outside the premises
of a helpful purveyer of wine, beers and spirits
to drunks and intransigents,
confident that her carefully chosen victim
would soon be in this vicinity.
he had been warned that he was her target,
but in his arrogance
had believed himself invincible.
even as she sucked the air into her cheeks
he did not make his escape,
almost as if he wanted her to win.
I was thrown back by the mighty wind from lips
which made fast their aim
and blew him just out of my reach
then I saw her slob bering grin as, with one hand
she reached into the shop,
grabbing a can of Lambrini,
while the other snaked around my stunned son
and held him to her puffed up breast,
like the favourite toy he had ever been.
A keeper, unlike the rest of her conquests,
but more than that,
he had become her revenge upon me
and she determined to hold fast until death.

©Jane Paterson Basil


13 thoughts on “Faye’s revenge

    1. Charybdis refers to a sea monster that sank ships. Faye is a monster who got her claws into Paul a few years ago. It was a terrible time. Since he came out of prison he has wanted nothing to do with her. A few weeks ago she rang me up, asking for his phone nimber, and something she said deeply offended me, so I gave her a piece of my mind and told her to leave me alone. I thought the worst thing that would happen would be that when she found him she’s be all self-pitying about it, but since our last tange she has been pracicing her tactics. She’s got him and she won’t let him go. She doesn’t leave his side for a moment. Last night at 2am they turned up on the doorsteep, and I wuldn’t let her in. She stood at the door and made a terrible racket, telling me how she loves me, and how Paul loves me. I couldn’t get near him, and she wouldn’t leave, so I walked out the door and down the road, to lead them away. The police turned up to help me out, and I walked away while she was trying to charm her. There will be complaints about the noise, Paul will be banned, and I will be more at risk of eviction. That’s a short version of the story. There’s much more. She’s a mistress of passive aggressive behaviour. She wants to do as much damage as she can. Her history is shocking, and it’s very hard on her mother and brothers. I’m disgusted with Paul. He’s never hurt me quite this way before, and I’m so paranoid that I can’t leave my flat.

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        1. Who knows – although he rang me this morning feeling really miserable. He’s been sleeping rough with that loathsome creature, and the bright lad has figured out that she doesn’t have his (or my) best interests at heart, and she’s trying to erevocably destroy our teetering relationship. He fell out with her last night and crept away while she was sleeping. He’d managed to scrounge a blanket for her, but he had nothing to keep him warm, and she didn’t give it a second thought. I’ve given him strict instructions to stay away from me. I told him to go to his father and hole out there until the ninth, when he can move into my friend’s awesome recovery house. I don’t want to see him until he’s been there for a few days at least.
          Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting instalment! It’s OK, I’m smiling – grimly…

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                1. That’s one of my problems – I forget to breathe. As for baby steps – the only way I know how to walk is by taking giant strides.If I go too slow I’m scared I may never get there – it may not be wise, but it usually works for me – though this is more severe than ever before. There’s a glass wall I have to break through – but I’ll do it, and I’ll do it soon, even if I collapse when I get to the other side. I’ll go out at night so no-one will see me if I fall apart.


    1. It’s voluntary. I’ve rung Karen, the manager, and explained things. She understood, and offered to do anything she can to help, but I have to sort myself out soon – if I don’t go to the shop, takings will drop noticeably. I run the accessories dept. on my own, and they pull in more money than everything except women’s clothing.

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