Too far


I found out how far is too far
when he pushed me beyond the limit,
making the other side of my door
a distance too far to travel
a place to terrible for me to contemplate.
I should go downstairs and do my laundry.
I need to collect my medication.
I will miss the gym
but I can’t leave my private space.
I can’t face what may be out there.
I have no strength left to fight this terror
which stretched into enormous proportions
last night while I tried to relax my shuddering body,
while I struggled with sleep
while I held a book,
trying to read words which made no sense to me
and I wonder, is this it?
Have I slid into a place with no exit?

©Jane Paterson Basil


12 thoughts on “Too far

              1. Things are better, less fuzzy and dulled emotions. This hospital was new-state of the art fixtures, the staff was better informed, though it was a rehab centered facility, so not much programming for depression or anxiety patients.
                No apology necessary, it was an unexpected hospital stay.


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