your invalid status is in-valid
your feigned atrophy no more than a trophy
glinting tinnily on your windowsill
and when you leave the house to go out
you wear it like a hat that doesn’t fit.
I know that life can be difficult
but illness should not be the career
that you make it every time you fake it
so stop trying to dine out on it.
there are people who really are sick
but would be ashamed to behave as you do
– individuals whose dignity does not allow
for a brazen exhibition of symptoms –
and if you want to know why I upbraid you so viciously
it’s because the cracks are beginning to show
and I’m a little afraid that some day
I will be you.

©Jane Paterson Basil


3 thoughts on “Invalid

    1. It was a weak moment, brought on by an unpleasant incident. I’ve figured out how to disconcert the individual who upset me – I’ll play her at her own game. I saw her today, and left her feeling a little lost as to how she could wind me up.

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