Banishing the rain


even when I’m
feelin’ grim I keep on singing
hidin’ the pain deep in
a hidden place, hearing that song so the
sound will drown out the poundin’ of the rain
an’ pretty soon I just
forget I’m only singin’
to keep it all in
pretty soon the
soul-breaking feelin’ of the rain
is gone. It’s what
happens to me when a
catchy tune gets into me, and this glorious
happenin’ leaves me feelin’
like prancing and dancing. when I’m
out of the rain I feel so happy
and here comes that feelin’ again

I fancied doing another Golden Shovel poem – this time using the first stanza (not counting the dloo-doo doo doo bit at the beginning) of Singing in The Rain, by Gene Kelly, from the classic 1950’s movie:

I’m singing in the rain
just singin’ in the rain
what a glorious feelin’
I’m happy again

©Jane Paterson Basil


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