a little bit naughty


This is my favourite part of Esther Newton’s Weekly Challenge: Option 3 – Write a twenty words story including all six of the following words: Barbaric, Economy, Nun, Trivia, Quandary, Love.

I know the first two are rather similar, but I couldn’t choose between them. I can only apologise for the third – I hope you’ll blame it on my alter ego.

I love a nun. My barbaric quandary is mere trivia to her. She caresses me with chaste economy.

To the barbaric nun, love was no quandary, just trivia. He unsettled her, so she throttled him with economy spaghetti.

Nun! Take my economy love stick. What’s your quandary? It’s not barbaric, but neither is it trivia.

©Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “a little bit naughty

    1. I know, it wouldn’t work. Thank you for reading – I think I may have inadvertantly offended a few people with these nun stories. We Brits tend to be a bit irreverant, but we don’t mean any harm 🙂

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