No escape

there is no escape

you may think to flee,
to the park, or your sister’s side,
wherever your soul hopes to find ease
but your home is not where the ogre resides
he’s not in the air that you breathe
but lodged deep inside
where you cannot reach

there is no escape

you may stagger to the kitchen, trembling
and make a cup of herbal tea
while you stammer out a soothing verbal remedy –
I’m OK, I’m OK, I’m OK
but you won’t be

there is no escape

as you repeat your mantra and sip your warm drink
the tremor may cease, and you may think
you can dispel it, but
even as you congratulate yourself
the ogre is polishing his weapons
practicing his grinning stealth
for the next, evil chapter
he may
in stages or
suddenly explode in your face as if from nowhere
and still, some sneaky vestige of terror
weaves greasily through your frame
though you have closed your ears to the ogre
willing yourself not hear him whisper
that you will never be safe again

there is no escape
you know there is no escape

Written for Esther Newton’s Weekly Challenge Option 2 “Write a poem on the theme of Fear

©Jane Paterson Basil


15 thoughts on “No escape

    1. I decided to keep it fairly general – it could be taken as some kind of dark phantom, or a metaphor for the way I sometimes feel. I only wrote it to carry out Esther’s challenge – I’ve been absent from her blog for so long.

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          1. A young friend of ours, Hydee, did a painting in art class a few years ago. It was the “eye portion” of a woman’s face, just one side. The picture was quite large (maybe 3 feet squared) so the eye could be pretty detailed. From behind the pupil in the eye you could see this what was obviously a monster of some kind reaching it’s arm around to the front of her eye. The title of the picture was, “Not all monsters live in the closet.” I was totally floored. I wanted to buy it so bad, but she wouldn’t sell it.

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                    1. I’d never heard of spelunking until I saw your blog. I had to Google it. It’s a good word for what you’re doing – spelunking tends to involve an element of discomfortor pain, and the further in you go, the darker it gets.
                      Integrating sounds like something you need a degree in psycholoogy for…

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