Sarah and Claire #Senryu


my two golden stars

reach out their hands and lead me

forward to daylight


It’s a well known, but sad fact that when one of your children is an addict, he or she is likely to get more attention than the child who is not addicted. This isn’t through choice, but because the addict demands so much attention, and brings so much pain that it is hard to focus on anything but the bare minimum. My two younger children are addicts, while my older daughters, Sarah and Claire are lovely, caring mothers with decent lives. Much as I love and appreciate them, they rarely get a mention on by blog. They have been bravely supportive throughout the difficult years, although the addictions of their siblings hurts them too, and this Senryu is a small tribute to them – far less than they deserve.

In this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge Calen asks us “If you were lost, what would help you find your way?”

ยฉJane Paterson Basil


25 thoughts on “Sarah and Claire #Senryu

  1. This is powerful for me. I often forget that I may have slighted my siblings. I have two brothers and one of them is in recovery too. The good son got screwed because of us, I imagine. Of course, he never complains and always does the right thing. He is after all the good one. Thank you for reminding me.

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    1. It’s a relief to get a positive response from you – I was kind of nervous that it may sound like a reproach. It wasn’t intended as such; I just wanted to explain why my older girls rarely get a mention.
      There are three of you. Your brother may have always been an angel, and you may have been a total nightmare at times. but I can be pretty sure that to your mother you are irreplaceable – there is nobody who she loves in exactly the way she loves you. I have a feeling you need to hear that from your mother, though ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. She tells me in certain ways. She is highly successful in her life and thinks everyone needs to be the president of a company to be happy. I don’t need stuff. All I need is my family, food, clothes, shelter, internet ( lol ) and just the basics. She doesn’t understand.

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