Only dreaming

your dream
plump and rosy
atop the threatening void
and you long to
keep it, to be
touched by it, to be
saved by it
so you
strain to give it
a waking life and
this time
it slides out
in one piece
but it is
less fleshy
more messy than
you expected
it is, after all
not the baby
only the afterbirth

©Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “Only dreaming

    1. You’re quite right – Sarah came round to see me, and obviously wasn’t fooled by my jolly mask, so after she left she rang me up and invited me round for a meal, just as I was pondering over the title. I brushed away a few tears,typed out the first title that came to mind, clicked ‘publish,’ and rushed out. I feel a lot stronger now. I should change the title…


    1. On the way home i dropped in to pick something up from Claire, and this morning I realized that lately something has been building up in me. It’s a kind of awe-struck love for the two of them that I don’t think I’ve ever before felt so intensely. They’ve had a tough time in many ways, but they’re such beautiful human beings, and I don’t think they have any idea. I need to find a way of showing them just who and what they are. They look at me with sad eyes and say “I wish there was sonething I could do to help,£ an I can’t find the words that would make them understand how they enrich my life.

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